What to Look for When You Visit a Dental Office

Seeing a Dentist in North Delta is an integral part of having good oral health as well as overall health. When visiting a dentist for the first time, it’s important to be vigilant about the condition of the Sunwood Dental office in addition to observing the actions of the dentist and his staff. While most dentists are highly focused on preventing cross-infection and adhere to stringent industry standards, a small percentage are lax on this issue. For this reason, it’s advisable to pay attention to your surroundings during a first-time appointment with a dentist.

When you first enter your new dentist’s office, look at the condition of the office. Are the walls clean? Are the floors soiled? Is the office organized? Inspect the treatment area as well. Are there dental tools and used gloves strewn haphazardly on the counter-tops?

A dental office should be clean and organized. The floors should be sterilized. While carpets are hard to sterilize, hospital-grade linoleum floors can be. Clutter and papers on counter-tops make it harder for them to be cleaned. Also, used dental tools and gloves placed in improper areas present the danger of cross-infection occurring. There should be convenient hand washing stations equipped with soap and paper towels. Special containers for the disposal of needles should be within easy reach of the dentist and his staff by being in every treatment room.

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Watch the way the dentist uses gloves. Before he treats you, he should wash his hands and don a new pair of gloves. These gloves should come out of a glove dispenser. After the dentist puts on a new pair of gloves, he should only touch your mouth or the dental tools he intends to treat you with. After your treatment, the dentist should take off the gloves and dispose of them in a proper receptacle. If the dentist leaves the room, he should put on a new pair of gloves before treating you again. Don’t hesitate to ask the dentist about his use of gloves.

Before you are treated, view a copy of the dentist’s autoclave validation. An autoclave is the office’s sterilization machine. It should be tested on a monthly basis. To do this, an independent party sends packets of bacteria to the dentist. These bacteria are hard to kill. Every month, one of these packets will be placed into the autoclave to see how well it functions. After all the packets are run though the machine, they are sent back to the the third party company for analysis. The results of this biological monitoring are sent to the dentist. If the autoclave is working, the dentist will be given a certificate.

Being aware of the actions of a local dentist and his staff will allow you to confirm whether your new dentist practices good hygienic standards while conducting treatments. This will result in getting the treatment you need for enhanced oral health.


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